Organising committee and guest speakers of #Brexit session, September 2016

Created by the historians of the University of Luxembourg, Let’s Talk About History! is an initiative to bring different facets of Luxembourgish and world History to a bigger audience. It was first organized in April 2016 by a group of History PhD students with the aim of inviting national and international guests to give rather casual talks about their field of study. Wanting to convey a broad picture of the discipline, the chosen topics represent a large variety of historical research with different approaches (i.e. gender, economy, popular culture, memory etc.)  and from different periods (i.e. contemporary, modern, medieval, ancient history etc.). The format is based on the idea that History usually is a subject to conjure broad interest, but that Academia, in general, offers only little meeting opportunity between researchers and the general public. To remedy this grievance, the idea of creating a space, which brings together people with a shared curiosity for historical topics, was born.

Let’s Talk About History! therefore wants to pursue the promotion of historical knowledge to the non-academic public and encourage the dialogue between researchers and society.

Cocktail after #Brexit talk, September, 2016